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I will master something, then creativity will come

We will not know unless we begin

20 February 1982
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Joy's journal is a little bit of everything, but it's pretty fandom/fanfic focused. I talk about real life sometimes, but nothing too deep. I welcome all friends, though I'd appreciate it you maybe at least mentioned who you were in a stray comment or something.

My main fandoms are Graviation and Samurai Deeper Kyo, though I have also dabbled in Suikoden, Saiyuki and various others. I like yaoi, but don't hate women and I have many, many OTPs, some of which are cracky. If you can deal with any of the following, than I'm happy for you to friend me.

I also own the communities, gravi_odd_love, gravi_rp_me and chrno_yaoi. I'm also a mod at gravi_muse_meet.

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Force of Gravity

I'm *Fred Maximillion* from the Suikoden - 108 Stars of Destiny Blog Crew! Wanna join in?

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